4.1 Dungeon Finder Call to Arms: BOA Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

A quick update: It has been explained to us that the little “bribe” *we* get, for queueing up as an “in demand” role using the Dungeon Finder is a Bind on Account satchel of random beautiful treasures. So if my druid tanks and receives a bag that can potentially contain Rivendare’s Stupid Horse, I can choose to send it to Truny. The mounts will have the same chance of drop as if you had killed the particular boss that would have dropped it to begin with, aka never. Well, I did find the White Bird Mount on my first try on Turby so….

Now that our perspectives have been altered a little bit, will this entice us to tank more?

See, the satchel of gifts is BOA meaning: “We know you people have healers and tanks, so use ’em goddamn it!”

I still say no. It takes little to no effort for my hunter, warlock, or feral druid to storm down all of the old content to obtain the same mounts. HOWEVER this is a really nice bonus if I ever do choose to queue up solo.

/end discussion on Call to Arms until further notice.

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