Truny’s Cataclysm Heroic Reports: 12/29/2010

I queued up with a guildie and we waited the mandatory 40 minutes and we ended up with Vortex Pinnacle.

I buffed the healer, soulstoned them, the tank runs up to the entrance of the stone pillars where the first pull is and..

Tank has left the group

UGGGH okay requeue. We all leave the dungeon to do whatever we were doing.

New tank shows up.

Our healer can not get back in because they were saved prior even though this was a “Random” selection.

Healer has left group

New healer arrives.

Our tank was quite precise with macros galore instructing the team what each marking symbol meant and how we were to focus fire our damage. I like that, efficient.

We get to the first boss and stack in the middle as the cyclone winds pound against us.

The tank notes that the DPS seems to be lacking. We down the boss anyways.

The tank then notes that they did not want to spend hours in a heroic because our DPS was low for that one boss and..

Tank has left the party
Healer has left the party


First of all, I thought that Grand Vizier Ertan’s cyclones slowed our casting speed by 85% and two of our DPS, the mage and myself are casters and we both managed to pull 9.5K dps anyways? I could see melee DPS unaffected and perhaps shadow priests who rely mainly on instant cast buttons other than Mind Blast? What’s the norm for DPS in heroics where people will not LEAVE for you being slow when there is a mechanic that slows you down and the generally agreed upon strategy was to be slowed down to avoid extraneous mechanics? 15k? Not everyone is supremely geared? Just because we didn’t down the boss 30 seconds earlier than you had anticipated this would add an unsurmountable amount of time to the rest of the dungeon? But the next boss buffs our attack speed what are we going to be “dpsing too fast I can not handle this”?

I’m still not quite sure how to handle this boss I have been thinking of stacking in the middle, but placing a Demonic Circle just outside of the cyclones as they approach so I can teleport out and through them, then somehow dodge them as they expand again? I could spam Felfire as I run back in but I’d have to test the actual “touch” radius allowance so I don’t get hit by the casting debuff. But they seem to do damage when you’re on the “outside” of them? Will the healer hate me (more) for doing so? I will not test this in a PUG that’s for sure, I may get removed in the blink of an eye.

However I did manage to Ninja this belt before the end of yet another failed heroic.

Truny the Fail

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