Truny the Warlock on Deprogramming Darnavan

One of the Icecrown Citadel weekly quests is called “Deprogramming”. This quest appears after Marrowgar is murdered for his loot and is given by some orc up the ramp after Marrowgar. This is also the first and possibly easiest weekly quest I have seen inside this raid instance.

Essentially, during the Deathwhisper fight a mob named Darnavan, who is under the vile influence of Deathwhisper will spawn and he must be off-tanked and kept alive during the entire boss fight. Once Lady Deathwhisper dies and the party ensures Darnavan is still alive, the quest is a success.

Demo warlocks rejoice, our Blueberries have a use once again! What we did was have Hathnagma (my Voidwalker) taunt Darnavan as he spawns, then clicked on him to follow me to the back/middle of the room and “stayed” him so he could receive heals and Darnavan was out of the way since he does a whirlwind. (Yeah, any type of warlock Voidwalker works really…)

Darnavan doesn’t really hit that hard, about 3,000 white damage and with priest and paladin buffs my Voidwalker had about 31,000 HP, and exceeding 40,000 HP with Demonic Empowerment (just click this whenever its off cooldown for a safety buffer).

I couldn’t turn off the Voidwalker’s auto attack while it taunted, I guess he can only stand there and do nothing if he was well..doing nothing. Aka sending in the pet then switching it to passive will stop all its actions but it seems the taunt will also turn on its attack. Hence I used the Voidwalker since a felgaurd would probably deplete Darnavan’s low HP pool. Anyways, he’ll be above 50% HP before the fight is over anyways. (Now I am going to test if a felguard can taunt but not attack)

Another good thing about using the Voidwalker is his Sacrifice, which is perfect for this fight since it provides a shield that absorbs 10,500 damage every one minute!! This shield, along with using Shadow Ward when it was off cooldown was more than enough to mitigate a Deathwhisper Shadowbolt, and also enough to absorb most of the damage from one of the hard-hitting ghosts that spawn, or a tick of death and decay damage if it happens to spawn under you.

So, an easy peasy five emblems of frost!

Truny the Warlock

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