New Heroic Culling of Stratholme: Seriously??

After all our bitching whining moaning and groaning we can finally skip all of Arthas’ bitching whining moaning and groaning and jump straight to killing mobs in this instance.

T’is a good thing no?


This stems from another issue related to this instance: The people who run past the stupid Chromie and don’t pick up the stupid Arcane Disruptors.

NOW if you talk to her there are two options that go something along the lines of:

“Now what do we do Chromie?” or
“Shut the fck up and let’s get this party started biatch”

If ANYONE chooses the second option, the first waves of adds spawn immediately and EVERYONE has to talk to Chromie to port to the entrance of the city.

Which means: Let’s buff and do all our other useles nonsense BEFORE even going up the stairs to talk to Chromie. This is the new procedure for H COS, Buff at Entry like every other instance (where the tank doesn’t run off pulling three rooms and four bosses).

Done buffing? Someone talk to her, and everyone port in.

Don’t just run on blindly and make everyone wait SIXTY whole seconds for you to ride all the way to the entrance…please, it’s not that scary to talk to Chromie. She will no longer burden you with responsibilities SO ITS OK TO TALK TO HER NOW. Sigh.

Truny the Yeah

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