Truny the Warlock on Afflictions

Ehehe yeah, my underutilized Destruction off-spec has officially been changed to an Affliction off-spec because I’ve heard amazing things about Affliction.

OK so what do we do?

Seed of Corruption is EVEN stronger under this spec since I think two or three abilities in the talent tree buff its damage and crit. Nice spice.

Ok so on single target boss fights what do I do? I THINK:

Curse of Agony or Elements???
Haunt, since it will buff your shadow dots by 20%
Unstable Affliction

OK, then spam shadowbolts, and watch DoTimer. Refresh shit. Use soul drain thinger when the boss thing is at 25% health or less. Refresh things while draining soul?? I assume to keep up Corruption and Haunt and let everything else go away since drain soul makes up for it?

(I only tried this out on one heroic and there’s only so much to learn and it was Occulus where half the time we’re on a dragon or moving around)

From what I’ve seen Corruption NEVER falls off the target if you are keeping up your haunts and hmm yeah there aren’t any big numbers anymore but there are SO MANY numbers that you sometimes won’t even see your shadowbolt damage. It doesn’t feel like a lot but my threat kept skyrocketing to 80% by the time I cast about four shadowbolts (HUH??)

I will try this spec out in a raid situation tonight and see how it goes, we’re doing the Plagueworks!

Truny has (more) Dots

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