Only Heals can Muck About

In your typical 5-person party, name for me the person who can most likely do whatever they want and still perform their role as needed?

Is it the tank? No, the tank has to lead the group and hold onto the mobs.

Is it the damagers? No, as a dps you must be pushing your limits at every fight, no slacking!

Is it the healer? Specifically, is it the Druid Healer? Hell yes!

It’s at the point when I log onto Turny to heal the daily dungeon, I would equip my Skull Lollipop (the best offhand in the game I believe), and One Of My Various Fist Weapons. (The Burning Crusade items are more flashy and wtfux invoking)

I will then proceed to melee things as if my life depended on it!

The great benefits of instant heals that no one will even know you were healing, except to stop for the occasional nourish or regrowth refreshing. (Usually rejuvenation and one lifebloom is overkill anyways).

“Hi, I’ll be your heals for today. Let’s ride!”

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