Leggings of Woven Death Gear Score

Since there have been so many search results related to the Title: It is 494 I believe. Or 492. However, before you look at the “gear score” these pants give you, are they even an upgrade for you? (They most likely are), but are you giving up let’s say….Hit Rating??

Even though these pants are a NICE NICE upgrade, in general to all types of players, don’t go stacking your “score” for the sake of it, people will call you out in an INSTANT. If your score is anywhere higher than 4200 and you are missing a gem or enchant, useless. Only use the epic gems, they are easy to get for 200G or 10/20 emblems. If you can’t maintain it, just stick to ghetto gear and your dps/hps/tps/whateverps won’t even change.

**Operation Truny Update**: Speaking of GS, it seems the highest obtainable score without ICC 25 gear is probably close to 5700 where everything is properly itemized. For Truny, the crafted ICC shoes don’t seem to be viable for her spec since they DO NOT HAVE HASTE, so unless she upgrades her chestpiece for Merlin’s Robe, and replaces the ICC-5 trinket with the Frost Emblem HIT trinket, THEN the crit on the shoes become very nice since her haste would be just under 1,000 with Merlin’s Robe! (WTF RANDOM WORDS)

This gets me thinking, how come crafted items are only useful when the recipes can only be obtained through raids? Think of the ilvl 200 pieces that we can make, how useful are THOSE?

Anyways, those just looking for the gearscore probably wouldn’t have read this far anyways, so bye!

Truny the Warlock


  1. “And if you're spamming Seed of Corruption on a single target, where the explosion damage doesn't even affect the target (because it hits everything AROUND it), GTFO.”

    Before I rebutt something that may not be intended, are you referring to someone applying SoC on a single target in a single-target situation like a boss, or are you referring to someone spamming SoC on a single mob in a group of mobs that can be affected by the explosion (as opposed to tab-targetting)?


  2. I started reading your blog for some time now, and really enjoy it. But i noticed twice now, that your saying SoC doesnt do damage on the target itself.
    Im really confused, i thought they changed it some time ago and im seeing the big numbers also on the target itself when i spam SoC. You got me really confused now, i must check this out on the dummy when i get home from work!


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