The Shadowbolt Pace

For Truny’s daily yesterday, I tried to run whatever came up as Destruction spec, since it was my offspec and had proved to be quite reliable before the new Decimation changes. And because the last time I used it I had about 500 less base haste.

It’s so weird.

The one thing that still annoys me is that 0.1 second of waitng for Immolate to land on a mob and then Conflagrating. It’s annoying, and it’s a waste of time.

The burst is still nice but we have to reapply our Immolate on anything that we want to Incinerate. Why would you incinerate without an Immolate on a mob? That’s illegal.

I guess I am talking about trash mobs again, oh right, I should have just spammed Seed of Corruption, oh no wait that would rip aggro instantly and without Soul Link I’d be a very squished warlock. (Though I do have Shadowcrash in this build to buy just a slight sliver of salvation)

People like repetition, Shadowbolt casts at a steady pace, we fire Shadowbolts steadily as a Demonologist. Ahhh! Insta-cast Corruption, and fire away. Again, with trash I don’t even bother with the Immolate since they get crashed into the ground too fast.

Once Decimation kicks in, our Soulfires have about the same if not slightly faster cast speed than our basic Shadowbolt. 1.87 seconds vs 1.98 seconds. Slow, steady, huge crits.

The Destruction “rotation” always felt like a race with oneself, always trying to catch up after the high after a Backdraft and never reaching the same euphoria again. Hmm…weird. Yes, the first time you experienced backdraft was most possibly the best.. and you didn’t even realize it until you continue playing…striving for that excitement.

What is shadowbolt anyways? Shadow is the absence of light, so essentially we are firing reverse-light, the dark nether, nothingness at our enemies. This bolt may hit big, but it’s a lightweight at best as it is comprised of nothingness. Perhaps it an energy that absorbs light, a black hole, a stable one that doesn’t suck everything into it? Who knows. I have a whole new take on this spell, rather than just “oh that black thing warlocks shoot”. Hmm!

Truny the Warlock

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