Patch 3.3 Hunter Changes

I shall post this before the Druid Changes as this one is short and sweet and my Hunter is beginning to collect dust once again!

Call Stabled Pet: Cooldown reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Cannot be used in Arenas.

See I like to switch pets randomly, since I believe all my pets deserve my attention. Nejibana the dps dino needs to take a break while my Kitty Cat or my Turtle comes out to play…however I can only do this maybe ONCE per dungeon so this is a good change…though provides no real benefit…

Deterrence: Now also increases the chance for ranged attacks to miss the hunter by 100% while under its effect.

Anyone with a ranged attack will hate us even more now that their critical nuke has missed!

Misdirection: Redesigned. Instead of having finite charges, it now begins a 4-second timer when the hunter using Misdirection performs a threat-generating attack, during which all threat generated by the hunter goes to the friendly target. In addition, multiple hunters can now misdirect threat to the same friendly target simultaneously.

Finally a change to Misdirection. Any good hunter always starts the battle with this spell directed TO THE TANK! Right? You do use this right?? Now we have instead of three shots, four seconds to generate as much threat as possible and the good thing is we do not have to wait for another hunter’s Misdirection to be used up before we can start Pew Pewing!


Beast Mastery
Intimidation: If the hunter’s pet is in melee range of its target, the stun from Intimidation will now be applied immediately instead of on the pet’s next swing or attack.

Excellent, now we can time those stuns much more accurately to stop your foe’s casting or whatever it is you need!


Avoidance: This talent has been replaced by Culling the Herd. Hunter pets now innately take 90% less damage from area-of-effect abilities like all other class pets. This does not apply to area-of-effect damage caused by other players.

Good! I hated having to put points in this just to make my Puppies more resilient! What’s Culling of the Herd? It better show up soon for me to comment on!

Cower: Redesigned. This ability no longer affects threat, and instead reduces damage taken by the pet by 40% for 6 seconds with a 45-second cooldown. While cowering, the pet’s movement speed is 50% of normal speed. Cower now only has a single rank and is available at pet level 20.

Weird. Why does your pet need to Cower anyways?

Culling the Herd: This pet talent has replaced the Avoidance talent in the pet trees (Hunter pets now gain that benefit automatically without expenditure of talent points). Culling the Herd increases pet and hunter damage by 1/2/3% for 10 seconds each time the pet deals a critical strike with Claw, Bite, or Smack.

Nice! So only pets that can Claw, Bite or Smack can use this ability, and depending on the internal proc cooldown of this ability I can see the 3% damage buff up at all times.

Demoralizing Screech: The attack power reduction from this ability has been increased by 40%, equaling the maximum possible attack power reduction from the abilities of other classes.

Uhh what is that? Bird attacks?

Improved Cower: Redesigned. This ability now reduces the movement penalty of Cower by 50%/100%.

Ok so why are our pets cowering so much that we need to emphasize this talent with another talent??

Pet Leveling: Hunter pets now need only 5% of the experience a player needs to level, down from 10%.

Anything more convenient is good, in this case halved.

Venom Web Spray: Range increased from 20 yards to 30 yards.

?? Spiders

Web: Range increased from 20 yards to 30 yards.

?? Web people from farther away? Ohh pvp! See I use a dps pet for PVP because…you just can!

Wolverine Bite: This talent is now enabled when the pet lands a critical strike rather than from the target dodging the pet’s attacks. In addition, this talent no longer has a prerequisite.

Whatever the hell that is. Critical strikes probably occur more often than a dodge at max level so…good??

So in conclusion nothing really major for hunters except for a 3%ish dps increase.

Turby the Hunter

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