Ranged Damage Per Seconders

I have reached the end-game content in WoW on both a Hunter and a Warlock. Both ranged DPS. Heck, with their talents, they can be considered increased-ranged damagers.

What’s so great about that? Well it isn’t!

See, I am compelled to explain the complete strategy of each boss fight when I am being the Healing Tree on Turny. I will explain the tips and tricks for each boss and what each role needs to be aware of.

When it falls down to what the melee should look for I am a bit sketchy: “Uhh I think there is a whirlwind somewhere but I am not really sure what it looks like.”

I am usually too busy pew pew’ing 40 yards back to notice any slicy dicy effects which kills of those silly melee players.

Now Turny could do some Kitten DPS but….Kitten DPS is for another post!

Turny the Tree

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