Typical Northrend Gear – What to Expect

For those who are just entering the exotic land-mass that is Northrend, I am sure more often than not you will hear in whispers how ugly the gear we get in it is.

Take a look at yourself now, see that bright purple robe, the awesome glowing resonating staff? The Crown of the Royal Protector of the Gods that radiate light? It will all be gone. Oh yeah.

We get it Blizzard!

See, the gear you get on your way to the fabled level 80 ding is so horrendous that you have no choice but to level to 80 to stop looking like..hehehe we’ll get to that later.

And not just that, once you hit 80 and start running dungeons and heroic dungeons you would think the gear would look a bit more…heroic and…strong but oh no, most of the better looking stuff is from the higher tier raids.

Here I shall compose a list of what you can expect throughout your levelling experience in Northrend. (I am SO glad that Turny the druid has to stay in either Cat/Tree form this time around)

The Brown Stick
Ohh yeah you know what I am talking about. Be it a quest green or a quest blue or a dungeon drop, most staves will look like a Brown Stick. Imagine a piece of wood the height of your character, unfinished, stock wood, with six additional juts of wood sticking out at the top. Ta-da! This will, unfortunately trump the stats of your beautiful Outlands weapon and you must then equip said piece of wood on your back. Yes it looks like a child put this together in shop class in a rush but hey…its the thought that counts!

The Rusty Sword
Just as its description says: A rusty sword. Its not a Katana or a Claymore, just a normal rusty sword with no flash or anything to it. Essentially anything with a sword icon, expect this.

The Brown Crossbow
For us Hunters out there, if you see a quest reward that is a Crossbow, don’t expect anything fancy, it will be almost like the Brown Stick, but in a crossbow form!

The Inappropriate Cowl
There you are spotting a beautiful, flowing violet robe, silk gloves, matching trousers, and a magical staff so delicately crafted it may belong to the Priestess of the Moon…..and on your head a dark cowl that is so distracting that it makes even the most wanton Succubus look tame. Congratulations to every single caster class, just turn your Helm Animation off now. Please.

The Brown Piece
Yes, the infamous Brown Piece. What is this? Ohh I dont’ know just every single piece of body armor you can imagine! You know that robe you found in Violet Hold? Yes it looks exactly the same as something you would find in Naxxramas. Oh no wait, see the brown swirl here its slightly darker than that other brown swirl! Oh wait, this robe is brown and dark blue, while this one is brown and dark brown its so unique!

Come heroics, when you see those oohh ilvl 200 blues and purples drop and equip them thinking “this is it, I am awesome!”, and actually look at yourself you are now probably thinking “wtf nothing changed!”

This works for leather, and mail as well. Seriously, after a while I just thought my hunter had brown skin.

The Ram Helm
If your headgear isn’t an SM mask, then its probably some brown helmet that adds some horns to your head. Good job.

Ok, I will let you find out more for yourself.

See the theme here, just choose whatever item you want, redesign it to a bland form of itself and give it a shade of brown. Go ahead, be brave and choose light brown for all I care.

Of course at the end of the day its all about the stats on the gear, just that our RP’ing is molded into what our characters can wear (and perform optimally, of course I have sets of odd cool looking gear that would make me do 1.5k dps), and we should not expect the Massive Wings of Oblivion or 70 foot Greatsword of Shininess like in some asian MMORPGs.

In the end, I find that the T7 and T8 sets look just fine.

T9 on the other hand…ahh that is in another post.

Be Happy and Ugly

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