Kluptomania Reports – Mysterious Lady

Just yesterday, Runy the Rogue reported to us that a mysterious lady clad in purple robes have been spotted hanging around the Kluptomania Guild Headquarters.

It seems she travels alone, only with her pet Raptor at her side. I was intrigued and sent Runy to investigate further.

Runy followed her into Silverpine Forest and spied the little Raptor watching its owner silently as she turned level 20.

A while later, she was spotted taking on the ENTIRE sentry guard stationed in Pyrewood Village!

Now in the dark confines of a cursed cave, our mysterious traveller takes on a swarm of Werewolves!

And of course, they seemed to be cakewalk. We be increasing our watch on this woman over the next few days, for now…Kluptomania should be wary.

Runy the Rogue Over and Out

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