Truny the Warlock on Purple Hat!

Yesterday was hectic. Got home at around 20:00 with the new patch downloaded and ready to roll, I logged in and found myself stuck on the loading screen.

Ok whatever, need to study anyways so I was taking notes while I was logging in.

Ten minutes later, *click*, the sound of others logging in, I look up and there’s Truny in Undercity!

Excellent. Let’s go check out the daily to get some emblems and check out that new dungeon!


..oh, nothing happened. Ok, I will hoof it manually by zeppelin back to Dalaran. As I approach the stupid elevator shaft *poof* Northrend Load Screen. Ok cool, just lag.

It’s slow…let’s take some more notes.

*Sounds and noises*, yes! Grab the dailies throw self in LFG and fly to Icecrown!

Before I made it to Krasus’ Landing I was invited for the Trial of the Champion. Cool.

The Argent Tourney building (whatever its called) is finally up and running (I wonder how since I never collected the stupid wood and fuggin’ stones for those gnomes) and Truny flies into one of the long decks with the instance portals at the end.

Ooh, wow what the hell three tiers of T9 gear…so confusing. They do not even have Heroic/Valorous headings anymore, how odd. Apparently, that deck was the raid.

It took about 20 minutes to get the entire group unlaggy and into Icecrown and we all rushed into the 5-person dungeon. It was exciting because it was going to be the first dungeon in a LONG time where most people do not know the fights!

*Load screen* (Is not moving)

*Tries again, and again, and again*

“Ok guys screw this let’s just do the daily (HOS)”

It took a long while for all of us to zone into the instance and Truny had to lock-summon people in to save time (which didn’t really). So there we got our first few heroic ulduar emblems and the two Triumph emblems from the daily quest. The only thing was everything was still so laggy everytime ANYTHING had to interface with your inventory you would lag (ie picking up items, soulstones, emblems).

Anyways, main topic all the way down here. I was scoping the gear list wondering if there even WERE any in the new dungeon, I realized that WOW everything has sockets (duh new epic gems) and OMG there is an ilvl 219 HELM drop chance once a day from the heroic version. Also, it doesn’t look STUPID! Though the dagger (go look it up yourself I am too lazy to link another item) looks pretty nice Truny is more concerened about getting out of blue gear because…you know those people.

Truny thinks, while trying at this helm drop should satiate her hunger for Putress’ head for a bit. 11/58 emblems!

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