Truny the Warlock – Shadowburn


Is it just me or does everyone muss up the names of all our (element)(effect) spells??

Whatever, just ignore me as I was about to type Shadowflame/Soulburn/Soulburn……..

So having hit 80 for about a week and a half and running about spending thousands of gold gearing up and venturing into heroics…Truny realized that her talents were WEIRD. Well not TOO weird, but there were two stray points in affliction for improved curse of agony and corruption. So having ran to Orgrimmar’s pit of dark desires and respeccing (ouch a 15 gold loss!), I added [Shadowburn] to Truny’s repertoire of spells.

The burst damage of this is pretty nice, though I do not have the buffs in the destruction tree this baby can still crit for about 5,000 and the juiciest part is that it is INSTANT!

Say for a normal three-mob pull.

Curse of Elements (or whatever dots).

Shadowbolt to your heart’s desire.

Once the mob is low on health, gauge the battle to see if it will die within five seconds after you cast Shadowburn.

After the last Shadowbolt hits, cast Shadowburn for some nice stacking numbers.

I found that usually the mob is dead by now (and very confused), and also Decimation would have procced. With that, the second mob will be dead before the cooldown of Shadowburn so you rinse and repeat on third mob.

Long story short, it was nice to have an instant cast that does ok damage *cough* Shadowflame…

Truny the Warlock

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